How to Edit the Search Engine Listing Preview for a Product in Shopify

You want to make your store a satisfying experience for your customers. Adding a description that is tailored to your product will accomplish this, and will also improve your search rankings.

Google engines are concerned with meaningful search results for their users, and they take product descriptions seriously.

It is a place where you might want to invest a little more time into developing, as the rewards may be profitable. [Continue reading]

How to Export Products in Shopify

So you have a lot of products to sell– great.  Sometimes, though, managing inventory goes beyond the confines of the internet, and into your store room.  This is when the ability to export your products into a ,CSV file becomes crucial. Simply … [Continue reading]

How to Add Product Variants in Shopify

Shopify allows customers to view different colors, sizes or other variants of a product within the same product page. Providing options for your customers will open up your customer base and improve their overall experience. Your customers will … [Continue reading]

How to Disable a Discount in Shopify

Someone posted your coupon on their blog and now you are getting a flood of orders! Now you want to stop the madness because it’s moving too much of your inventory, too fast. No sweat. In this section, we will show you how to quickly and easily … [Continue reading]