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Our Contributors

Oisin is passionate about helping companies build and grow so that they can work to make the world a better place. Oisin is Chief Navigator at Bootstrap Heroes, one of the top app companies within the Shopify ecosystem. Currently thousands of Shopify stores use apps made by Bootstrap Heroes to grow their businesses. Learn more about Oisin at www.bootstrapheroes.com

Rachel Farabaugh is an artist & entrepeneur residing in Los Angeles. She has been one of the leading Shopify designers since 2008. She connects her dreams and inspirations with her passion for art to create a multitude of creative enterprises. Through her illustrations, art, graphic design, jewelry and photography she is able to express her creative visions in ways that connect with the world. Learn more about Rachel at www.bohemiandchic.com

David is a one of the top Shopify growth hackers, inbound marketing strategist, and music enthusiast. He helps stores create and implement profitable traffic-driving strategies, then he increase their ROI by improving their website’s conversion rate and sales funnel.

Josh is an internet aficionado and entrepreneur from Redlands Ca. He’s company New Leaf Labs has been building for Shopify since 2010 and has also created some of the most popular apps in Shopify. In his personal time he has passion for music, hair pomade, and the Straight Edge / Vegetarian lifestyle. Learn more about him at www.newleaflabs.com

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