Adding a Tweet Button to Your Shopify Blog

The main purpose of adding a blog to your Shopify store is to generate traffic and get the word out about your store. Writing good content on your blog is just one step of the process – the next step is to make it easy for your readers to share that content with their friends. […]

How to Use Abandoned Cart Orders Feature

Abandoned cart orders are common problems for ecommerce site owners. Oftentimes, potential customers begin filling out their checkout form, only to leave and never return. It is critical to target these abandoned cart orders to boost sales. Recovering Abandoned Cart Orders The best way to recover abandoned cart orders is to set up an automatic email for customers, […]

How to Add Twitter Feed to Your Shopify Store

There are many great reasons to add a Twitter feed to your site, such as Engaging visitors on your site. Gaining new Twitter followers. Providing social proof for your store There are two main parts to add a Twitter feed to your Shopify store: Part 1 – Access the embed code from Twitter. Part 2 – Add the […]

How to Add Favicon to Your Shopify Store

What are favicons? Favicons are small icons that appear at the top of the browser window ( in bookmarks) that are specific to your website. You should use a 16×16 pixel image of your logo. Why you need a favicon for your site? 1. Having a favicon improves your branding. 2. Favicons help with navigation. […]