How to Use Abandoned Cart Orders Feature

Abandoned cart orders are common problems for e-commerce site owners. Oftentimes, potential customers begin filling out their checkout form, only to leave and never return. It is critical to target these abandoned cart orders to boost sales.

How to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales on Pinterest

pinterest buy button next to pin it button

Do you know which social media platform generates the most sales for eCommerce owners? No, it’s not Facebook and no, it’s not Instagram. It is, in fact, Pinterest. Did you know that 87% of active “Pinners” say they have bought something because of Pinterest? Since the launch of Pinterest, the visual social platform has proven […]

Consistently Generate Revenue From Social Media With These 20 Practices

Got some new Twitter follower, Instagram followers, and Facebook fans? Great, now what? Follower and fans are just vanity metrics until you can engage them and turn them into actual customers. To help you get more out of your social media marketing, I’ve put together a list of the proven strategies you can test and implement to […]

How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Have you ever read a bland product description that doesn’t give you the details you need? Especially when you’re looking for those differentiating details. On the other hand, I have bought products that I wouldn’t buy otherwise because the compelling product description convinced me that I need it and must have it. As an ecommerce […]

Beginner’s Guide to Fool Proof Twitter Customer Service

Have you ever had contemptible, rude customer service? I know I have. In November, I took a JetBlue flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. The ticket agent at McCarran airport made some comments that are not polite enough to repeat on this blog. What did I do? Instead of getting annoyed, I took to […]

Ultimate List of Competitor Research and Spy Tools

We wrote a post on researching your competitors earlier this week. To supplement that, we put together a comprehensive list of 40 free and paid tools to help you dissect your competitor’s search, advertising, conversion, content, and social media strategies. For each tool, we’ll cover the following: Break down it’s pros and cons. Show you how […]

How to Research and Spy on Your Competitors

Have you ever wondered what your competitors are doing that you aren’t? Are your customer acquisition efforts plateauing, and you’re not sure where to invest your time and resources next? You are not alone! Whenever I’m stuck, I go and peek under my competitor’s hood for inspiration.

14 Free Keyword Research Tools for Your Ecommerce SEO

Last time, I wrote a guide on conducting keyword research for eCommerce sites. Today I want to expand on this topic by teaching you which tools you should use to find the best keywords to rank for to reach your target audience. There are plenty of keyword research tools to choose from. In this post, I’ll cover […]