How to migrate your Ecommerce store to Shopify

When you have finally decided to migrate your site from your old platform to Shopify, there are so much you should be really mindful of before starting the migration process. In this tutorial, we will provide you a step by step procedure on how to successfully transfer your e-commerce site to Shopify. Make sure to […]

How to sell products by using Online Sales Channels?

What are Online Sales Channels? Online Sales Channels are like different marketplaces where you can show and sell your products aside from your main website. This includes social networking sites and other e-commerce sites that would help you gain traffic that will later lead into conversions. Once you’ve decided to add a specific sales channel […]

Themes for your online store

Themes are one great factor to engage your customer. It is important to catch the eyes of your potential buyers and the appearance of the website will be in charge of doing so. This will make your products more appealing and more tempting to buy which will be of greater benefit to your business at […]

Setting up Domains

Your domain is as permanent as your business name, it is not something you change if you just wish to. You must do it correctly the first time.

Shopify Payments Setup

Shopify has now incorporated its own payment method without dealing with a third party payment gateway provider. Though as of now it is available only at stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Managing your inventory in your Shopify Store

Your inventory is your master list of your products number of stocks. It is important to monitor the stocks that are either coming in (replenish of stock) or coming out (purchase). Proper monitoring of your stock via your inventory would help you keep track which products are in stock and this will prevent you from […]

How to Edit the Search Engine Listing Preview for a Product in Shopify

You want to make your store a satisfying experience for your customers. Adding a description that is tailored to your product will accomplish this, and will also improve your search rankings. Google engines are concerned with meaningful search results for their users, and they take product descriptions seriously. It is a place where you might […]

How to Change Your Product Visibility in Shopify

You may have a number of reasons to do the old invisibility cloak. Whether your item is no longer in season, a product is out of stock, or you want to offer exclusive in-store products, you have the option to hide your products from view. Once the season or inventory comes around, you might want […]

How to Export Products in Shopify

So you have a lot of products to sell– great.  Sometimes, though, managing inventory goes beyond the confines of the internet, and into your store room.  This is when the ability to export your products into a ,CSV file becomes crucial. Simply export the products, and either upload them into your other inventory management systems. […]

How to Filter and Sort Products in Shopify

The Shopify Platform allows you to marvel at all the wonderful products in your store by sorting or filtering your items. Or, you can use it to identify a single item, or a group of items through the sort and filter functions. The sorting tool organizes your products by ascending or descending values, allowing you […]