How to Change Your Product Visibility in Shopify

You may have a number of reasons to do the old invisibility cloak. Whether your item is no longer in season, a product is out of stock, or you want to offer exclusive in-store products, you have the option to hide your products from view. Once the season or inventory comes around, you might want […]

How to Add Product Variants in Shopify

Shopify allows customers to view different colors, sizes or other variants of a product within the same product page. Providing options for your customers will open up your customer base and improve their overall experience. Your customers will surely appreciate the selection of products you provide them. So, let’s get started on how to modify […]

How to Create Free Shipping Discounts in Shopify

Free shipping is definitely a perk for customers as they check out. It might be the difference between those who continue with their purchase, and those who abandon their cart. You can do this in two ways: Send a discount code to selected customers Set up a free shipping rate under specific criteria. In this […]

How to Import Products in Shopify

Do you have an e-commerce store currently, but on a different platform? Shopify makes your life easier by doing the legwork for you. It would be such a bummer to have to add products one by one, but thanks to Shopify’s system you only need a CSV file. Shopify extracts data from your file and […]

How to Add a Product in Shopify

Arguably one of the most important steps in building the success of your Shopify store is adding your products. After all, the point of e-commerce is to sell! Fortunately, adding products to your Shopify backend is quick and simple. Here are 12 easy steps to show you how:

How to Manage Customer Accounts in Shopify

The Shopify database allows customers to create accounts that store passwords, some personal information, past orders, and existing orders. This information is retrieved when a customer logs in again, and some of it is used to populate address details during checkout. Before you get started, it might be a good idea to review our section […]

How to Duplicate a Product in Shopify

Sometimes it just makes sense to duplicate an item rather than having to type it all over again. Aside from this being a great time-saving mechanism, it can also save you a headache from making mistakes. Making a copy of an item to tool around with can be great if you need to decide between […]

How to Delete Products and Variants in Shopify

Variants are useful for those who want a more customized experience in their purchases. You can easily delete product variant images in Shopify if you no longer offer an item, for example. Let’s get to it.

How to Edit Customer Details in Shopify

Interested in editing individual customer records? There are times when customer purchases or information is captured outside of the Shopify platform so, the ability to add this information into your database will help keep things up-to-date.

How to Export Customers in Shopify

Wondering what that export button is at the top of the page? Shopify users may need to export customer information to third party systems for a variety of accounting reasons. The Shopify interface simplifies the transfer of this type of information with a click of a button.