How to Delete Products and Variants in Shopify

Variants are useful for those who want a more customized experience in their purchases. You can easily delete product variant images in Shopify if you no longer offer an item, for example. Let’s get to it.

How to Add a Customer in Shopify

Do you need to add a customer into your Shopify database?  Although customers are automatically added into your database, you may find yourself needing to add a person’s information the old fashioned way. The ease in adding information is second to none as Shopify allows users to manually add information through its user-friendly interface.

How to Track Your Product Inventory in Shopify

Having an ecommerce store can be overwhelming, so streamlining wherever possible is crucial to both your success and your peace of mind. One way to do this is by tracking your product inventory through Shopify, which will help you manage the inventory you have in stock, and any possible production you may be involved with. […]

How to Edit Customer Details in Shopify

Interested in editing individual customer records? There are times when customer purchases or information is captured outside of the Shopify platform so, the ability to add this information into your database will help keep things up-to-date.

How to Export Customers in Shopify

Wondering what that export button is at the top of the page? Shopify users may need to export customer information to third party systems for a variety of accounting reasons. The Shopify interface simplifies the transfer of this type of information with a click of a button.

How to Sort and Filter Your Orders List in Shopify

Need to take a deep dive into your orders? Streamline organization and management of purchases by utilizing sort and filter functions in your “Orders” tab within your Shopify backend. Shopify’s sorting tool organizes your order information, allowing you to view and analyze order history more efficiently. The filter tool allows you to quickly and easily […]

How to Search, Filter, and Group Customers in Shopify

The Shopify platform allows you to identify a single customer, or organize customers into distinct groups based on specific search criteria. Sorting customers in this way allows the shop owner to identify trends and make comparisons specific to certain groups. This tool also gives you the power to improve service by identifying overlooked customer groups.

How to Configure Your Customer Account Checkout Settings in Shopify

Are you looking to setup a streamlined checkout process in order to maximize your conversion? Dependent upon the type of business that you are running, the customer checkout experience will vary. However, something crucial to understand, no matter your business model, is to remove the roadblocks that could be preventing your customers from checking out. […]

How to Attach Order Tag in Shopify

So, your business is divergent from the norm– great. Shopify can accommodate you with customized workflows. This is great to track whether you have made returns, or if you need to manage a more finite component of your business during your fulfillment process. Here’s how you add additional order tags to your workflow, streamlining your […]

How to Import Customer in Shopify

The ability to add data is vital in understanding business performance and applying marketing analytics. Adding information to the customer database will allow you to: learn about your customer base and predict future behavior; engage customers through email marketing; determine future inventory needs by uncovering trends. Learn how to import customer information and curate a […]