How to Avoid Fraudulent Orders on Shopify

Sometimes (and often more frequently than we would like) an incoming order gets “flagged” by Shopify as being a potentially fraudulent order. Pay attention to these warnings! Shopify’s built-in risk analysis feature greatly assists in your likelihood of avoiding fraudulent interaction. As long as you are using Shopify Payments, you will receive this easy to […]

How to Print Orders in Shopify

We have all ordered something online, opened it– and had no invoice.  It isn’t a very nice experience, as we want to be able to verify that what we paid for is what we received in the box, without having to jump online to do so. Luckily, Shopify has an integrated system that allows you […]

How to Place Test Orders on Shopify

What’s a test order? You have made your store and are good to go.  But– there is something you need to do before you click the button that makes your store go live. A test order! But why? Well, first it is crucial to ensure that your checkout process is running smoothly and that your […]

How to Manually Fullfill an Order in Shopify

Once a customer has placed an order, it’s time to fulfill it. Fulfilling an order in Shopify is the act of sending orders to customers. Simple, right? Once you have shipped the order, the customer will automatically receive an email telling them their items has been shipped, and then, the order’s Fulfillment Status will show […]

How to Contact a Customer About an Order in Shopify

Providing your customers with an impeccable experience is crucial in order to 1) receive positive reviews and 2) make sure they come back for more of your product. So how you do that? Reach out to them, of course!  Contacting a customer is an easy way to ensure a positive interaction with your brand. Plus, […]

How to Attach a (Internal) Note to an Order in Shopify

Did you know that you can attach an internal note to any order on Shopify?  This easy to use built in feature helps you track customer contact beyond typically required ( for instance if the order is “flagged” for risk), special requests, or just anything that your fulfillment team needs to remember. This integrated feature […]

How to fullfill multiple orders at once in Shopify

If you are in the fortune position of having a high volume store- congratulations!  This means you are getting a ton of orders. To stay organized, we recommend batch fulfilling your multitude of orders.  This will help streamline your business, and ensure you are providing each of your customers with fast, quality service. Here’s how.

How to Archive an Order in Shopify

What is an archived order?  An archived order is an order that has been completed/fulfilled, and then “closed” by you( the store owner), or an admin. Generally speaking, it is a best practice to archive your orders once complete as it then gives you an accurate number of the amount of orders left to fulfill! […]

How to Cancel or Delete Order in Shopify

It is possible that you may need to cancel or refund an order. It happens – a customer changes their mind about an order or you haven’t been tracking inventory like you should have been, and run out. Either way, you have captured payment for the order, but cannot deliver upon your promise. Swift action […]

How to Refund an Order in Shopify

So you need to refund a customer for a product they want to return? It’s a bummer, but it is a reality of doing business. Ensuring that you do so in a streamlined efficient manner is critical to upholding your reputation as a business. It also gives you the opportunity to renew consumer confidence in […]