How to Refund an Order in Shopify

So you need to refund a customer for a product they want to return? It’s a bummer, but it is a reality of doing business.  Ensuring that you do so in a streamlined efficient manner is critical to upholding your reputation as a business. It also gives you the opportunity to renew consumer confidence in […]

How to View Order History in Shopify

Viewing the order history of your Shopify store is a great way to track the customer relationship from purchase to delivery. This includes any additional communication that you may have with your clients, and is presented in a streamlined, easy-to-read interface. This tool helps you provide a consistent point of interaction with your customers, delivering […]

How to Export Orders and Transactions in Shopify

If you need to gain some long term insight on order patterns– perhaps because you need to consolidate your orders for taxation purposes, or because you are attempting to analyze orders as a data set–  you can easily do so by exporting your orders into a CSV file, which is typically opened and manipulated in […]