How to Create Free Shipping Discounts in Shopify

Free shipping is definitely a perk for customers as they check out. It might be the difference between those who continue with their purchase, and those who abandon their cart.

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Send a discount code to selected customers
  2. Set up a free shipping rate under specific criteria.

In this section, we will show you how to create a free shipping discount code.

Step #1: Go to your Shopify Admin and click “Discounts”:


Step #2: Click “Add a discount code” on the top right corner of the screen:


Step #3: Locate “Discount details” section:



Step #4: Enter the name of the “Discount code”:


Step #5: By default, the number of times the coupon code will be used will be set to “No Limit”:


Step #6: You can set the usage limit by removing the check from “No limit” and entering the value in the textbox:



Step #7: Locate the “Discount type” section:



Step #8: From the first drop down menu, choose the “Free shipping” discount:


Step #9: In the “for any shipping rate that is less than or equal to” textbox, enter the discount amount you want to provide:


Step #10: In the “and applies to” list, choose any specific country to apply this code:





Step #11: Locate the “Date range” section and use the date selection calendar to set the begin and end date of your discount code:


Step #12: Choosing the “Never expires” option will make the code valid indefinitely:



Step #13: Once you are done, click “Save discount”:


Creating this discount code is similar to the other types of codes you can create through this panel, but your end goal determines what type of code you should use.

Some shop owners want to maintain the price of their product and keep its integrity in tact. Providing a free shipping discount is a great way to keep the value of your product up, but also give customers a way to save some serious bucks.

  • Sean Cowperthwaite

    can you create a free shipping code if an order is OVER a certain dollar amount?

    • Shutez

      nope. probably the most requested Shopify feature and still hasn’t been delivered. quite possibly never will – has been requested now for 4 years running.

  • Donna

    How can I give away free shipping on orders over $99? There’s got to be a way!

    • sonke

      you do it in the shipping rules.. free shipping rate over $xxx.. can do different ones for each country / shipping zone…

  • Shawn Winquest

    How can I create a free shipping code just for ground shipping and not for overnight shipping? Possible?

  • Haith

    How to apply free shipping to only selected product/s?