How to Create Monetary Discounts in Shopify

Discounts are a fun way for your customer to get interested in purchasing from your store and moving product off your shelves.

We will be looking at how to set up a discount that is a specific amount.

Step #1: Go to your Shopify Admin and click “Discounts”:


Step #2: Click “Add a discount code” at the top right corner of the screen:









Step #3: Enter the name of the “Discount code”:










Step #4: You can manually change the number of times this discount can be used by removing the default check “No Limit” and replace it with some value under the section “How many times can this discount be used?”:










If you entered “10,” your discount can only be applied up to 10 times.

Step #5: Locate the section “Discount type” and choose “$ USD” or your existing form of currency from the dropdown:










Step #6: Enter your discount amount in the “Take” field:










Step #7: Choose from the “off for” dropdown where the % Discount off will be applied to:










Step #8: Locate the “Date range” section and use the date selection calendar to set the begin and end date of your discount code:










Step #9: If you choose the “Never expires” option, then the discount code will be valid until you cancel the discount:


Step #10: Click “Save discount” once you are done with adding a discount:










Your newly procured coupon will be shown in the “Discounts” tab in your Shopify Admin. You can distribute this coupon via an email campaign, share the code on printed media, or mail the code to households.

Yours customers only have to enter the code upon checkout to apply their discount.