How to Duplicate a Product in Shopify

Sometimes it just makes sense to duplicate an item rather than having to type it all over again.

Aside from this being a great time-saving mechanism, it can also save you the headache from making mistakes. Making a copy of an item to tool around with can be great if you need to decide between two versions of an item.

Once you duplicate an item, you may only need to tweak the name and adjust the description.

Step #1: Go to your shopify admin and click “Products”:










Step #2: Click on “Product list”:








Step #3: Click on the name of the product that you want to duplicate:













Step #4: Click on “Duplicate” at the top of the product page:










Step #5: In the pop-up window that follows, enter a new name for your duplicated product:








Step #6: Click “Duplicate,” to make your copy:








Step #7: A new product page will populate containing your new name, but with the original product details:













Duplicating is a simple tool that gives you a little more leg room when updating and adding items. While this is great in the short run, updating details requires some thought since a good product description can improve your SEO search results. Have fun!

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