How to Export Orders and Transactions in Shopify

If you need to gain some long-term insight on order patterns– perhaps because you need to consolidate your orders for taxation purposes, or because you are attempting to analyze orders as a data set– you can easily do so by exporting your orders into a CSV file, which is typically opened and manipulated in Excel.

It is a simple way to succinctly and quickly view all order information over a set period of time.

Step #1: From your Shopify store admin “Dashboard” navigate to the “Orders” section on the left-hand side of your screen.
Note: If necessary, filter orders for specific customer or date based information.

Step #2: Select the order numbers you need to export

Step #3: Next, click the “Export” button in the upper left-hand corner.

Step #4: Select the file time you need to export. If you have Excel– always choose the first option, CSV

Step #5: Do one of two things

a) Export Orders – Downloads complete order history

b) Export Transaction Histories – Exports only the transaction details that you have selected.

Step #6: Then your CSV file will automatically be downloaded on your local storage.

You can also Export orders by date
Step #1: Click the “Export orders by date” option

Step #2: Set the start and end date that you wish to analyze

Select the type of file you want to export
Step #3: Select one of either of the two options:

a) Export Orders – Downloads complete order history

b) Export Transaction Histories – Downloads transaction record

Step #4: Then, you will receive an email that gives you the ability to review the collected information.

So, there you have it.  Now you know how to export orders and transactions in Shopify.  This is excellent for record keeping or if you want to review long-term trends.  We highly recommend using this feature as it is beneficial for your understanding of your business, and any associated trends.

  • Highview Apps

    Very nice and detailed tutorial!

    For those who need more advanced options for order exports, please check out our app EZ Exporter:

    Our app allows you to create multiple export profiles/configurations, the ability to select only the fields you need (over 100 fields to choose from, many of which are not available with the default Shopify export), sending the report via email or FTP, scheduling, custom delimiters, custom field names, etc. 🙂

  • James Consultant

    Why the fuck am I forced to get the export via an email link. I don’t have access to that email and I can’t fucking bother my client to forward me an email link just because a cunt working at Shopify decided to make order exports go through an unchangeable email.

    That idiot should be publicly fired.

  • Lucius Gallo

    shopify ez is $20 a month? fucking ridiculous